Lifestyle of communion with God

By living in daily communion with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Glory carriers walk in supernatural love, signs, wonders, healing and miracles

Prayer and Evangelism - our approach is through the Prophetic and Testimonies. By doing so, we Equip the body to fulfill what God has called them to.


Prayer and Intercession

Settled in life, surrounded by family and friends, but still feeling lonely and missing something? That is because, there is an in-built desire in each of us to connect with God and when we do not have that relationship with Him, we feel something missing.

Prayer helps us to connect with God. Prayer is simply talking with God. God loves to hear about what is happening in our day and talk to us. The more time we spend with God, the more we feel His heart. We begin to pray for things that weigh on His heart. That is intercession.

Glory Streets

Are there moments when you wished someone would just come by and encourage you? Pray for you? Give a listening ear? Lend their shoulder? Well, we do just that. We go out onto the streets to show God’s love and demonstrate His wonder working power. The Holy Spirit gives us discernment and words of knowledge to reach out to those in need.

Glory Streets, our street ministry was birthed out of a vision of people in mass, all over Singapore doing prayer walks, evangelism, healing and praying for people.


God guiding us

Have you had a dream, or vision or thought that seemed to have meaning beyond yourself? God often speaks this way.
It reflects God’s love as he leads us away from making bad  choices, to a life rich with His promises.
We want to share with you the dreams, visions and words God has given us to speak to help you connect  and draw closer to Him.


God encouraging us

How many times do we look back at a past event or moment and see clearly that God spoke to us?

These moments help us build faith and shape our God story. They teach us valuable lessons and how to live life in abundance.

We hope through these stories you will be encouraged to pursue and cultivate a lifestyle of communion with God.


God teaching us

God wants us to continue to grow and is teaching us through daily encounters.

His Holy Spirit is near and has many ways to equip us. He wants us share what we learn with each other, so we can all benefit from his wisdom.

We focus in helping people to cultivate a lifestyle of listening to God and moving in faith to share God’s love.

Let us walk in God's glory into 2021!

What is God speaking to you?

Glory Carriers on Gospel TV Mauritius

It is our pleasure and privilege to be given the opportunity to minister together with the Gospel TV ministry. Do checkout their Facebook!



Growing our hearts towards loving God with worship, praise and thanksgiving


Learning to act promptly on what God asks us to do

God's Word

Meditating on God's word - feeding our mind and soul



Giving God priority in our day. Every relationship grows by giving quality time

Prayer and Fasting

God loves to talk with us and He speaks in many ways


Growing in faith by sharing our stories of God at work in and through us


As we spend more and more time with God, we start to see and hear His heart for His children to be saved. We experience His love in such magnitude that we become willing vessels for the great harvest.

On 16 May 2019, as I was praying, God asked me “WOULD YOU BELIEVE ME FOR 100,000 SOULS?”
The great harvest is already taking place and God is finding willing vessels that He can use. The only condition is that you would willingly surrender and commune with Him.