“If we define the glory of God as the manifest presence of God, then a glory carrier is one who displays the glory of God in a visible way that is both miraculous and reflects God’s character.”

Jennifer Eivaz from her book, ‘Glory Carriers’ 

God calls us to partner with Him

God has led us to have both a local and an international focus. We pray, we encourage, we equip, and we serve. We have a common desire to love God with all that we are and to enjoy His presence all the time.  This is a daily lifestyle we want to cultivate and share with you too.


Hi, I am Jacob, from Glory Carriers, a prophetic evangelistic ministry focused in helping people cultivate a lifestyle of communion with God! Although, I grew up as a Christian since young, my journey of obedience and faith really started one night, when God said, “Come back to me”. Ever since then, God has led me on many exciting assignments and Glory Carriers is one. I invite you today, to have a communion with God and see your life transform! Read more.


Hi, I’m Tania, and I’m excited when people experience God’s love. From NZ, I grew up in a blended family. My parents were divorced, and we lived with my mum and her partner, who was also divorced with kids. Then my father remarried and had more kids. It was hard explaining my family!

My parents had no religion until my father joined a faith community that was…well strange and unhealthy. So, when I finally met God, I had a long journey to trust Him and receive His love.

Now I know how amazing He is, I want you to experience his love for yourself! Read more.


"It's nice to be reminded that God is working all the time, through anyone, even if I don't always see it personally, and I don't have to wait for a "formal" organisation or gathering or whatever to be part of it."
Jessica Loh
"Glory Carriers taught me to stand bold for Christ and His people especially when I started to do an outreach with a dear sister. Through Glory Carriers, I witnessed a deeper relationship with our Lord."

You too are called to be a part of the Kingdom's work!

Just as we are called to prayer and evangelism, you too are called by God for specific ministries. Through our ministry, we hope that you will be encouraged, stirred, and hunger for more of God and move into your calling.