An Awakening in Europe

Have you got into those moments you literally race against seconds… Arrgghhh I can’t even type properly… My body, my hands and fingers just still struggling to calm down from the adrenaline rush, its still shaking…

I need a real intervention from the heavenlies…. I always believe there’s got to be a reason God allows things to happen in our lives… And so was this trip…

I just took the first train to the airport and guess what? the airport bus wasn’t going to be there till another 30mins or so… I was begging the heavenlies to help me… Then a cab driver shouted out, going to the airport? There it was, I said “yes but please rush for me, how long it will take?”… He said 15mins, I said ‘”no, I have just 5mins before the gate closes. Please rush for me.”‘ ‘It just felt like I was dashing and breaking through all the darkness and obstacles.’

Remembering horror stories from some travellers on how when they passed their gate closing time despite the flight still there, but, not being able to board, sent chill down my spine.

‘FINGERS SNAP’ It was a great miracle that he raced through time together with me. I prayed real hard as I rushed to the security control, “let me through, please Lord, please”.

I passed the control (the song ‘enter the Holy of holies’) and the ‘ladies pleasantly looking at me with a big smile, “relax sir, you can breathe now…” ‘The battle is won, yes the battle against time or maybe something more?’

It all started with deciding whether I should arrive at the airport wee hours since my flight was early morning but am I going to be able to brave through the cold especially not being able to stand through them for the few days already (5 deg for me is way too much coming from sunny Singapore)… I took the train and decided I will indeed brave the cold but then I missed my stop.. How could I? How could I have? ‘Because it was spoken in a different language and I missed it!’

I ended up going all the way right to the end and there was no more train till 4.30am. A kind man (not a local but spoke the language), “angel sent by God” tried all ways to ask people if there was some way I could reach the airport. The taxi was a hundred plus and I was only left with either staying there and take the first train or taking a cab. ‘I said to the Angel, I’ll take the risk. He asked, “are you sure?” looking very concerned and filled with compassion gave me all the coins he had in his pocket. He turned back to me and said, “I wish you all the best”.’

I said to God, “what is this Lord?”. I sat there googling and saw on the map it was perhaps possible for me to walk all the way to the airport (see my fitbit and you know that I can just walk long, I mean real long distances on many God given grace moments) and I was on my way.

Praying along the way, I asked God let this Google Maps not show me wrong directions at all (a few bad experiences) and walked through the valley of darkness literally… There was no lights at all and I prayed God, please help me. Then, cars started to drive by with their headlights showing me the safe path to walk on.

‘I reached a dead end, it was a bridge that I was supposed to walk on but I was down and there didn’t seem any way up. Adding to that, dogs started barking furiously at my presence.’

At that moment, I heard a still soft voice whisper, “did you ever ask Me what my will for you was in this? Were you really depending on me with everything you had?“ Then, and only then, it strucked me, it was me, my flesh, my sheer determination, my strength, my endurance and how I could handle this myself (although it seemed I was praying it was me and myself and I). ‘An enlightenment, I made the decision to head back.’

Suddenly, there was a thunder as though an approval, a nod to that decision. I was kinda thinking oh dear what was I thinking, what if it had thunderstorm when I was walking all the way… I thank God, I confessed and repented for relying on my flesh instead of depending on God.

As I walked back, there were things that God started to reveal to me about people in a very random manner and I just prayed for them. Finally, I reached the station. As I sat there, I felt, this was the provision I needed for this time, not what I thought (braving through the cold) and it indeed must be warmer than my plans.

A while later, I noticed an elderly man and he seemed like he was talking to himself or something with hand signs (thought he was chanting or something). Then, he walked towards me and tried chatting with me. I tried my best but really didn’t understand what he was saying. And then I entered into the heavenlies and knew what was actually happening. Did I know what my Father’s heart was like? I snapped out and he said “papa, papa pointing to his heart and love (and everything else in a language I didn’t understand) but finally he took out a cross from his pocket and I nodded and everything was revealed to me in the spirit.

Haha and you know what? I prayed that the flight be delayed by 20mins (all the way I took the train and on the taxi) and we just took off 20mins late from the airport. Thank you Father!

This does not wrap up everything our Father has done in this trip but there’s a whole lot more and I’m still processing them. ‘EUROPE, I FEEL THIS IN MY SPIRIT, “THIS IS YOUR MOMENT, GOD’S NOT DONE WITH YOU YET BUT HURRY UP!”‘

I walk this “grace season” as His ambassador, His child and I believe in the divine appointments and interventions that has brought me to this continent. (I’ve gone to Asia, Australia and now Europe, this is it!)

I truly believe this is the moment for Europe and that God has begun His mighty work in this continent. There’ll be signs to show that God is moving. EUROPE, I BLESS YOU IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, ARISE AND GO!


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