Book summary – The Cry God Hears

A God inspired Word spoken/written in the past still has power to work in the present!

This is what I felt as I read the book, “The Cry God Hears” by Apostle Barbara J Yoder.

In this time of pandemic, I felt her book really touched on some key principles; the state of the church and the nations. Being blessed with wealth and prosperity, many of us have taken things for granted, yes, even Christians. I believe this is an awakening call for all of us.

I do not believe in any way this is a judgement but rather a mercy call – God calling His children to turn back from their old and evil ways.

What is happening?

In this times of pandemic, we see everything that we have been so used to, the comfort and the stability being shaken. All the things that we have held on to being shaken.

“Behind every seeming disaster, God is doing the ultimate new thing – He is bringing His Kingdom to earth. He is creating a Church that can move into a Kingdom mentality. He is drawing men and women to Himself, even though they do not always know why He is allowing them to go through such hard times.”

Barbara Yoder

What do we need to do?

We need to cry out for God’s protection just like the book relating the story of Ezra and the people. We need to turn back to God and recognise those very blessings that He had bestowed upon us has taken us away from Him. Most of us and even the nations, were nothing, but God blessed us abundantly and we have grown to such heights but forgotten Him.

“When everything we have trusted breaks down or goes away, we cry out to God. This crying out brings help in the form of salvation and deliverance, and it carries us into a new place.”

Barbara Yoder

What lies ahead?

“We seldom remember that a time of rebuilding and replanting is guaranteed to come right after a time of destruction.”

Barbara Yoder

As the whole world looks at the present situation, we Christians need to look beyond into the future.

There seems to be a “Reset” or “New Beginning”, how are we going to approach it? What are our plans and preparations going to look like in the coming days?

Churches all over the world have moved online. How is God redefining the way we operate? Once everything is over, are we going back to the same old? What is God actually speaking through this crisis?

I believe God is challenging us to have a mindset change; Kingdom mindset and Kingdom operations. The way that we have always operated probably is no longer going to be the same old.

We are called to be a light to the nations. We may not have all the answers, but we have definitely been taught how to respond. Let us be a blessing to our leaders, government and nations around the world.

Let us pray that God fills us with wisdom to prepare for what is coming in the days ahead even right now instead of waiting for the day when it comes. Let us indeed be a light to the nations in the way we respond and prepare for the coming days!

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