December 2019 Update


When the idea of setting up a website first popped into my mind, I struggled with the thought whether it was me wanting to do it or God leading me. Second, I thought about the finances and commitment required to keep it up and running. But God used many friends and divine appointments to bring this to where it is today.


From the moment God downloaded this ministry into my heart, He wanted me to share stories of people and myself. I was led to go and talk with Tania about the ministry – at the time neither of us realised God would lead us to work on it together. Months later, after a lot of prayer and talking it through, we knew the focus God wanted this ministry to have. The ‘God Talks’ series would be about how everyone of us can talk to God every time and how He talks to us too. We want to encourage and inspire everyone to go deeper with God and hunger for the supernatural.


We believe this is a season of equipping for what is to come. God is doing this for us in different ways.

Jacob: After I came back from Israel, one thing I knew in my spirit was that something changed in the spiritual realm and there was an acceleration. There was going to be an equipping season. And true enough, come March 2020, I will be going to the Bible College of Wales. I thank God and Cornerstone Community Church for giving me this opportunity. I thank my cell leaders and family for praying and encouraging me in this journey.

Tania: The season of equipping for me, started by doing – going out onto the streets to pray for people. Then God led me to build on what I was already doing – spend more time with Him, increased time in God’s word and prayer – interceding for friends, family and nations. I have also been reading books such as spiritual warfare, prayer and fasting, dreams, and healing. As I read, I put into practice whatever God highlights. In the new year I will be doing a course on Healing. God is showing me He has more for me and I am excited by what is to come.

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