Give and Step Out

In my time of prayer, I heard God saying two words, ‘Give’ and ‘Step Out’.

From Salvation, Healing, Supplying a Need, to Blessing, God always did it so with something we give, at times tangible, other times intangible. You can’t expect something from nothing. You have to take that first step if you want things to move and trust that He will guide you. You want things to improve in life but you must start making changes. You want to grow and receive but you must first give. There needs to be an offering and dedication to God. 

There’s no magic or formula to this. The greatest servants of God have always offered something to God. A willing and a humble heart. They did ministry by stepping out in obedience, spending hours in prayer and intercession, disciplining themselves of worldly things. 

Obedience grows by immediately starting with the smallest things God asks us to do. Hours in prayer and intercession starts with our heart’s cry for the things God tells us. Sometimes it takes a sacrifice, at other times, just boldness and trust in God. 

There are some of you out there, waiting for things to just happen, no my brother and sister, it doesn’t work that way. He wants you to move out in faith (this is for those whom He has spoken to) and He will guide you. A boat needs to be set out in water, only then can it be steered to the right direction.

Then there is another group, you need to give and surrender before He can use you. It may be a big sacrifice or an insignificant thing, but do it.

Love and Blessings

Jacob Isaac

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