Glory Streets

Glory Streets, our street ministry was birthed out of a vision of people in mass, all over Singapore doing prayer walks, evangelism, healing and praying for people.

God leads us in small steps towards this vision being realised, starting with a conference in 2018 that helped a group of us connect. “Let’s go out and show God’s power and love as the Holy Spirit prompts” was the catalyst to go out each week.

We saw the vision again as we did our outreach, which confirmed this was God’s ministry. God gave us many divine encounters, not just the people on the streets we prayed for, but with different church and ministry leaders. Through these, God reconfirms the body of Christ is to be united with one goal, to show the power and love of Christ to those who don’t know him.

Prayer is vital to the street ministry. God led us to print out maps and assign zones to the area we had already walked and prayed over, as well as a new area we have not physically gone to yet. We are to spiritually map these zones. This means, as we walk and pray we are learning about the physical and spiritual heritage of the area and committing each thing we learn, back to God for his power and love to be at work. 

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