A God Arranged Meeting on the Streets

We had walked past the busker on a busy intersection and crossed the road, when we both felt we needed to go back to the busker. We were not sure why, but obeyed and waited for a moment when the busker would take a break. As we waited, some young ladies approached him and the result was one of them took the mike and started to sing for her friends. Near the end of the song, she dropped down to the ground. I quickly checked on her, to find she had vertigo and a bad head ache, which was due to a serious medical condition. We took her aside to talk and to pray for her. She was a Christian and said she had heard about street evangelists earlier in the week. She had told God, that it would be cool if she could meet someone on the streets that would pray for healing, as it was hard to pray for herself. She then met us and we did pray for her. I was blown away that God had answered her prayer from a week ago, by directing us to be in the right place at the right time. On following up with her, she hasn’t yet received full healing but has not had any more bouts of vertigo and no longer has the blinding headaches. I still believe full healing for her medical condition will come.