This is a vision and some words God spoke during a prayer session.

On 31 August, I saw a vision while I was praying. It was a vision of people sitting down (they were in a class setting) and listening to a teacher but fully submerged in water.

I felt that this is going to be a season where we would be fully immersed in the presence of God. Learning right from God’s throne. So what happens when we come out of this saturation? We would be dripping wet with His presence. There would be tangible signs of us being immersed in His presence. My dear brothers and sisters, I encourage you to pursue and go further.

The second was about the prophetic and unlocking. We all have heard and familiar with how the prophetic works. It is meant to help us and give us insights. I believe this is a reinforcement that the prophetic would help many to unlock their destinies. Give greater clarity into the things that God is directing them towards. Do not belittle and give heed to the words spoken in this season.

The first wave already has come amongst the youth of this nation and they need the support and guidance of the leaders who are responsible for them. Speak words of encouragement and groom them. Things that God is downloading at this time may seem contemporary and unfamiliar, but be sure that it is God that is directing this season yet be discerning too as the enemy is causing confusion too.

Love and Blessings

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