Jacob Isaac

My Family

Hi! This is my story. I grew up in a very humble setting. I remember not even having milk on some days as we couldn’t afford it. My sister used to give her milo to me. It was just four of us; dad, mum, older sister and myself. Days without electricity and water, because we didn’t have enough money to pay the bills. Dad and mum worked really hard to provide a decent life for us. It was pure grace and love of God, things got better.

Dad always emphasized on unity and forgiveness. He was always giving. Many times I wondered whether he should have saved that money for us, but he would give it away to those who were in need. Being born in a large family of 9 other siblings, my Dad modeled God’s love and forgiveness. He would always try to bring the family together and advise them on many matters. Mum always stood by Dad and supported him. Today, my older sister, younger brother and myself are what we are, because of the values they imparted to us.

Jacob Isaac

Maybe because I grew up in such humble setting, I became very focused and determined to succeed in life. I always gave my very best in studies (but lacked quite a bit in sports and other activities). When I finished my ‘O’ levels, I went to work for the first time, in the International Olympic Committee Office, Singapore Sports Council. I enjoyed working with various groups, doing research and preparing proposals. The one year stint ended, when I got my admission into Republic Polytechnic. I was the pioneer batch. In my second year, I partnered with a friend from outside and started an IT company. We provided design solutions. I took on projects with specialized professionals that got me out of the rat race. After three years, I graduated. Now, I had to serve NS, so my partner and I decided to close the company.

While I was serving in the army, I became involved with design and IT aspects even in my squadron. God’s favor allowed me to continue this passion. You know there’s a saying that a boy becomes a man when he goes to the army, that’s 100 percent true! I learned a lot about discipline, responsibility, integrity, friendship and brotherhood. It became one of those defining moments in my life. Then came University. I was so happy when I got accepted among the brilliant group of students. My four years in Singapore Management University (SMU) was simply a skills equipping and training season. I started making lots of connections with big companies and people. I learned a great deal from them.

Entrepreneurship Stints

Towards my last year, I started an online fashion magazine and became pretty involved in the local fashion scene. I quickly learned about the fashion trade and industry. At the same time, I did some freelance acting for dramas and commercials. I also worked together with a fashion show producing company gaining more exposure. After graduation, I started a media solutions company while still running the fashion magazine. The media company gave me practical and realistic experience as I was in the rat race with many competitors. I thank God for giving me such awesome business partners who always motivated and supported me. They taught me how to do business in a challenging environment. Everything seemed to be really going well in life.

God Calls

Then one day, I came home after a party and laid on bed. It was wee hours in the morning. I heard God telling me, “It’s time, come back to me!”. The voice was so clear and I just felt it strong in my heart. I responded saying, “God, if its truly you, then you take away and make me what you want me to be”. Fast forward, I slowly left the industry and the companies. Things just happened, He was directing the way. I turned back and looked how far I have gone from God. It wasn’t the business or people or anything that drew me away, it was me. I decided to drift away from Jesus.

The day came when I was left almost left with nothing. I asked “God, I am down to my last dollar in the bank, what do I do now? I don’t want to work unless you direct me”. Then, God moved. I joined as a partner in my friend’s company when he invited me. I realised he was attending another church and requested that I come and take a look. He refused but God relented. I went for one of their service and God told me to join them.

Serving God

God hears the prayers of his children. The church council was actually praying for me to come and help them in the church administration without even talking to me. Can you see how amazing that is? Through a divine connection and appointment, I became the church administrator. Talk about godly desires. I once dreamt of standing on stage and leading praise and worship and God fulfilled that many years later. It was pure grace and mercy of God, because, I wasn’t trained in music or vocals at all, but, leading a music ministry and a worship leader. After two years, God said, “its time! the season is over here! Get ready!”. I didn’t really know what exactly to expect at that moment. But one by one he revealed. First, he wanted me to resign as the church administrator. Then, he started speaking prophecies over my life. “When you reach 30 years old, God will call you into nations and you will preach His Gospel”, that was the common underlying message.

September 22 2015

I was in *****. I was supposed to be here for holiday but God told me to take it as a mission trip. Months prior, I tried emailing so many organizations to see if I could do a mission trip with them but none responded positively. However, deep within me, I knew God was calling me, so I still came to ***** with no plans. First night, I said to God if it was truly you that was speaking then how come I am here all alone and nothing is working. He suddenly gave me a name, “XYZ” and I googled it. He was a missionary that had served in that country and I emailed him. I wanted to continue searching but God said, “Go and sleep!”. At about 4am, I woke up and saw that he replied me. He connected me with a local pastor.

There’s Always A Bigger Picture

When I met the Pastor, first thing he said, “OH! Thank God you don’t look like a ****” I was worried that you would stand out and then it becomes more obvious to the authorities”. Many times while growing up, I asked God, why I was this color skin, height, family and nationality etc… When he said that, I had a “light bulb” moment. Second thing, he said normally he wakes up and goes to pray, but on that morning, as he knelt to pray, he felt God telling him to check his emails. But you see it wasn’t any random email, it was an email that was sent from a person who had mentored him personally on many occasions. That was what caught his attention (see how God works?). Even if I managed to find his email and sent him one, he wouldn’t have noticed it among his piling emails. Throughout the week, I had the privilege and honour of being part of their ministry.

On the last night of my trip, the Pastor asked me to share something in their service the next day. I shared whatever God was speaking to me boldly and the Pastor helped me to translate. I was a bit surprised when I saw many of the leaders touched. Basically, the church was on the verge of a split and the message from Paul called for unity and set aside differences to work for the kingdom of God. They felt this was a divine appointment and connection by God. As they blessed me at the end of the service, I looked up to heaven and God said, “The promise is being fulfilled.” I asked God what it was and He reminded that today was 27 September 2015 and I am exactly 30. I was just totally blown.


As I came back to Singapore, I knew this trip wasn’t about mission but rather about trusting on the promises given by God. We can’t fulfil them, I tried to, but didn’t work out. He fulfils them. In the beginning of 2016, God said it’s about time for me to move on. I wasn’t sure what that meant. I thought maybe it was a call to the mission field. I started telling my juniors in ministry that I wouldn’t be here for too long. God slowly started releasing me off major responsibilities from the ministry and church. 2017 came. God said “Get ready!”

The 2nd Shift (2017)

The beginning of 2017 was a really shocking one for me as my Dad went to be with the Lord. And then weeks later, I had confirmation from someone that God was indeed preparing me to move. I felt led to go on a 21 days Daniel Fast. It was my first time going on such an extended fast and I know that only God gave me the strength because prior to that I never prepared myself with fasts. 17 March 2017, I heard clearly God telling me, “come and pray and support this man (Ps Yang) and his ministry”. I felt why God and how. He said “Fast and pray”. Again I asked how, I don’t know. He said, “I’ve taught you, I taught you how to fast”. I felt a little confused and went back home. Everyday I woke up , I knew God was telling me to move. I finally relented and told my current Pastor. He said to leave it in prayer. I told God, if it was truly you then you change his heart and let him bless me and release me. Then in late June, my Pastor said, he had the peace to release me.

1 August 2017, I came to Cornerstone. The first day I stepped into Cornerstone I was in a workshop, “Discovering the Power of Intercessory Prayer!” Ain’t God awesome?! I was connected to the Prayer ministry shortly and really enjoyed each day with God. 27 September 2017, yes on my birthday, I got connected with Karen Covell (from Hollywood Prayer Network) and fast forward, I took on the responsibility to be the HPN, Chapter Director (Singapore).

Next (2018)

Beginning of last quarter of 2018, I felt that my time in the workplace was almost up. There was another assignment waiting for me. God was speaking to me to attend Pre-Awakening Australia. I was thinking it might be just my flesh wanting to go so I asked God for some confirmation. I booked the flights but asked him to provide an accommodation. God gave me the confirmation and I enjoyed my entire week there. I received some word of knowledge/prophecies about evangelism and a movement. After I came back, I felt God stirring my heart to work on a project for the media and entertainment industry. I had some ideas and was waiting for some divine connections and appointments. I know I have to step out in faith.

In a vision on March 11, 2018, I saw people in mass, all over Singapore doing prayer walks, evangelism, healing and praying for people. Due to the numbers involved, it was clearly not by an individual person, or one church but it was the body of Christ coming together by the power of the Holy Spirit. – This was a movement, yes! It is a movement initiated and directed by God and was also symbolic of when God’s people claimed his promised victory by marching around Jericho. God took me to the last day of this march, where the shouts of victory was blasted and the walls came down!! These words echoed in my spirit, “A national revival demands a national involvement”. I felt this as a clarion call. God was saying we need to walk in his glory, to see his power and love displayed in greater ways for this nation. Then God showed me more detail of how people were walking out in the streets (like on Orchard road) doing outreach, they were clothed in white and people would come up to them and ask for prayer and healing. Miracles, signs, and wonders were happening, and it was like never before seen in Singapore.

Attended Power and Love Singapore, four-day training event by Lifestyle Christianity (Todd White and Robby Dawkins) on December 5 – 8, 2018. This led me to do a street outreach weekly with some people.

The Third Shift (2019)

God spoke to me to start a ministry “Glory Carriers”. Glory carriers are people who are hungry and desire great intimacy with God, manifesting His presence, in supernatural love, signs, wonders and miracles.

There has been really great and mighty things that God has led the team and I over the last few months. A trip to Europe and Israel, allowing me to pray and minister in a worship meeting, to releasing a word about Europe and Israel.

After I came back, God showed me a vision. I was ministering in a village and God said, “Call the pastors of this city and get them to pray together and agree with you for the darkness in this village to go in the name of Jesus!”. I am praying for open doors in His timing.

Through God’s grace, I have been able to connect with people in sensitive countries who are Christians. It is such a joy to be able to minister to them.

A dream come true

It has been a seven years dream to go and study in a Bible College. I’ve always asked God, “when and which”. Through the years, opportunities came but either I didn’t feel right it was the right one, or the timing was off.

But towards the last quarter, I felt the sensing from God, it was about time to culminate the training and equipping season. I didn’t understand but prayed on.

One day, as I was sharing with Pastor Dian about the street ministry, he asked me, “Why don’t you take on a formal training in a Bible College?”. That was it. I knew this is the time that God is asking me to go. I spoke to my workplace and they were fine with me taking unpaid leave. As I started having money for the college, God said, the church will sow in this together with you.

I know that there is definitely something that Cornerstone and I will do together. I believe it is not just for the training and equipping that God called me to Cornerstone but for a ministry to the nations.

God wants to have a conversation with you, would you spend time with him?

As you read my story, you would realise that many times, it was the conversation with God that gave me the directions. He confirmed, encouraged and prophesied. We just have to step out in faith as He longs to see us partner Him in the things He does.

Would you just take some time to sit quietly, not thinking about anything else except asking God to open up your heart and ears to hear him talk?

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