May 2019 Update

Israel trip

It was clear that God wanted this trip to Israel to happen, so plans were carefully made of places to visit, transport, timing and accommodation – all well in advance. However, through a sequence of events, the plans started to unravel upon arriving. What was God saying in all this? I ended up in Jerusalem, which is not where I had intended to be until later on, and some decisions needed to be made as to how to salvage the trip. But before committing to any new plans, it seemed right to go to the Jerusalem Prayer Tower to worship and seek God. Within moments of reaching the prayer tower, I was introduced to Pastor Robert, who was also visiting Jerusalem and happened to be organising an event, “Passover Worship Encounter.” God had spoken to him and his wife Lora, to organise this event in Israel and they had experienced many hindrances and blocks as they sought to obey God. Right at that moment, I felt that God wanted me to help them., to lay aside my plans and be willing for Him to direct each day.  This was another step of faith as I had no place to stay or idea of what that help would look like.

As usual, God confirmed this to me with a joyful and uplifted spirit when I said I am willing to help out. God also used this to encourage the team after all the setbacks they had experienced. They needed divine intervention and help and God provided. The rest of the team consisted of Lora (Robert’s wife), Emma (their daughter), Dudi and his wife, Don, Lisa and Nathan (The Townley family) and Carlos, Maggie, Carlos Jr, Sharon and Joshua (The Perdomo family). I was really happy to see Carlos as I’ve listened to and enjoyed his songs being sung in church. This time, I got to witness him singing live with his son and daughter. The Townley family led worship at Jerusalem Prayer Tower that day, and then later both families led times of worship and ministry at the concerts. Both families are anointed in their musical giftings and I know that God will continue to use them mightily for His kingdom.

The first few days in Jerusalem were spent inviting people to the event and praying through the old city of Jerusalem. How amazing to read God’s word each day and find references to the city I was in. God’s word confirms his love of this city and the people living here. The first concert brought a time of intercession just before the event. God really ministered through our prayers and we knew he was going to do something special. Indeed, each day and each worship session was filled with the presence of God. The Guthries’ graciously invited me to do the opening prayer for the event. That night, everyone who attended had an encounter with God and people didn’t want to leave. The following day Lisa invited me to share what God had placed in my heart during a ministry session. That session God gave out specific words of knowledge to people gathered and many were prayed for and blessed. It was such a humbling and an enriching experience to be able to minister alongside this faithful team who had come from the US to bring worship and joy to the people of this land. Talk about impossible. Calling someone all the way from Singapore to serve in this way and not having even the slightest connection to these people or event prior to it all happening. God is able to do anything and everything when He needs.

Towards the end of the event, as I was praying for Israel, I saw a dark mist covering Israel in a dome -like shape. As praise and prayers were being lifted up, rain came down and cleared the mist. The bright sun, shone on the land and it beamed to all nations. Yes Lord, you are victorious and your people will be set free to worship you in Spirit and in Truth!

God also reminded me about carrying the glory he has imparted from Israel back to Singapore. This trip is definitely a significant chapter in Glory Carriers ministry.


On 27 April, early morning, God brought me to a village and told me to pray for the spirit of darkness and infirmity to go in the name of Jesus. It had no authority in that place. I couldn’t clearly see whether it was a school background or something else. Then God said, call the pastors of this city to come and stand in agreement with this prayer. It seemed like an awakening was coming to this city. I shared the dream with a co-worker, without telling them the name of the city.  The following day as they awoke after praying about where this village was, the word ‘Sulawesi’ came into their mind. They didn’t even know where this place was in the world, but it was the same place I had seen in my dream. It was a strange dream. I have very little experience and knowledge of Indonesia and yet it was Sulawesi that God singled out. I believe there is something that God is unlocking in this city. I pray that in His time, all of this will come to pass.

An itinerant ministry

As I often pray and ask God for confirmation regarding this ministry, He said that this will be unlike typical ministry but like an itinerant ministry. I will bring you to nations. I will use you and bless you.

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