Outreach on 11 Jan 2020

This is our second corporate outreach. We began with praise and worship and prayer. After that, we split into two teams and went as our Lord, led us.

Testimony from Team 1

This is my second outreach on a Saturday morning. I thank God for the divine opportunity to reach out to an Indian lady who was mopping inside a mall. She looked very sad. I felt the Holy Spirit asking me to start a conversation with her. When I approached her, my mind went blank and I asked in Tamil how long she had been working there. She shared that it has been 3 years. I asked her, why she seemed to be sad. She explained how she had been treated unfairly at work and she had been very hurt as her colleagues and friends had backstabbed her. I invited Tania to join in. With a very loving gesture, Tania understood that there could be a language barrier so she encouraged me to just continue talking to her while she will be praying at the back as a support. I asked the Indian lady if I could pray and bless over her. She identified clearly that I am a Christian and said she was very thankful to be prayed for. I prayed over her according to what Holy Spirit led. The Indian lady thanked me with a grateful heart and her two hands. I gave her a hug. Tania joined us shortly and prayed for God’s favour to be upon her. The Indian lady had tears in her eyes and thanked us. We left the place and came back shortly to leave a note and she was very touched by our gestures. She felt God’s love and peace in her heart.

Tania and I were so amazed how God shows us a person to reach out and be a blessing in their lives. We prayed, thanked God and spoke His promises as we walked. While walking down the streets, I also had a great fellowship with Tania as she gave insights about how we should live according to God’s standards rather than man. I felt so refreshed with God’s love and thankful for this godly friendship. I was also reminded that as we bless someone, we are also blessed by Him! Glory to God for every divine moment of our lives to share his goodness! What a great God we serve!

– Rani

Testimony from Team 2

After splitting into teams, Jacob and I agreed that we would keep walking and approaching people in the expectation that as we do, God would reveal to us what we could pray for them.

The first few times we tried to approach someone, we weren’t able to directly pray for them, either because the timing wasn’t right (they were just about to head off) or in one case we did meet a man experiencing a rash on his hand, but he was working at the time and it appeared that his colleague wasn’t pleased by us talking to him.

Time was passing fast and as Jacob prayed for the streets we walked, I prayed quietly that God would put in our path someone he intended us to pray for.

Later we happened to meet a man from Melbourne, Australia who was friendly and chatted with us for a while outside a mall. He was waiting for his family to be done with their shopping, and when they came out, it seemed like he too would have to leave but I felt to just ask, in the last minute, if we could pray for him. Yes, he agreed and we got to pray for the whole family and I was moved to ask that their relationships with one another be blessed.

All in all, I was reminded that sometimes, you have to step forward in expectation and that the door will be opened as you do!


We rounded up the outreach with a lunch fellowship. God actually brought us to this place where I (Jacob) thought would be fantastic and indeed the yong tau foo was nice!

“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”

Jesus (Mark 16:15 NLT)

So I encourage you my dear brothers and sisters to join us at our next outreach! Love and blessings!

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