The Beginning

The name Glory Carriers came to several of us, as we were praying individually. When we shared the things we were sensing, it became clear God was giving our overall ministry a name and that it would take us beyond the street ministry we are currently doing. Little by little God is enlarging the ministry, but it started with a vision.

In a vision on March 11, 2018, I saw people in mass, all over Singapore doing prayer walks, evangelism, healing and praying for people. Due to the numbers involved, it was clearly not by an individual person, or one church but it was the body of Christ coming together by the power of the Holy Spirit. – This was a movement, yes! It is a movement initiated and directed by God and was also symbolic of when God’s people claimed his promised victory by marching around Jericho. God took me to the last day of this march, where the shouts of victory was blasted and the walls came down!! These words echoed in my spirit, “A national revival demands a national involvement”. I felt this as a clarion call. God was saying we need to walk in his glory, to see his power and love displayed in greater ways for this nation. Then God showed me more detail of how people were walking out in the streets (like on Orchard road) doing outreach, they were clothed in white and people would come up to them and ask for prayer and healing. Miracles, signs, and wonders were happening, and it was like never before seen in Singapore. We believe this vision will become a reality as we take up our role in partnership with God.

Glory Streets, our street ministry was birthed out of this vision. God lead us in small steps, starting with the 2018 Singapore Power and Love conference, arranged by Lifestyle Christianity and Todd White. Although a few of us were already doing evangelism individually, it was this conference that helped us to connect as a group. “Let’s go out and show God’s power and love as the Holy Spirit prompts” was the catalyst to commit to going out each week. I saw the vision again as we did our outreach, which helped confirm we were sharing in God’s ministry. During this time God gave us many divine encounters, not just the people on the streets we prayed for, but with different church and ministry leaders. As we make these connections, God is confirming he wants his body of Christ coming together for one goal, to show the power and love of Christ! So networking is part of the ministry in carrying God’s glory wherever we go.

The next thing God lead us to do was to print out maps and assign zones to the Orchard area we had already walked and prayed over, as well as a new area we have not physically gone to yet. We are now on a journey as God leads, to spiritually map these zones. As we do this, we are learning about the physical and spiritual heritage of the area and committing each thing we learn back to God for his power and love to be at work. We know that God loves all people and desires those who are trapped or caught in some form of bondage to be set free. We seek to speak God’s good blessings over the streets of Singapore.

God is calling his people to be whole-hearted toward him and he wants to move in greater ways than ever before. We believe greater things are still to come and look forward to sharing with you as more unfolds….