To the east

Let your prayers for the United Kingdom rise! There is a great unleash waiting to happen, God is about to move mightily in this land of revivals! Divine positioning, divine alignment and divine setup, whatever you want to call it, this is the time – let the cry from your heart go to our Father! Brothers and sisters from UK, come before Him and adore Him!

What we see in the physical realm is going to be a foresight into what is coming in the spiritual realm. Those clouds and vapours that hover (obstacles/hindrances/strongholds) over this land is dissipating soon. The Lion of Judah is at work! I see the horsemen on chariots waiting to launch.

The “Tower of Babels” will be torn down. See the waves going from the west to the east. My conviction is that before God calls me to return home from this continent, it will be done!

27 April 2020

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