Update from the Land of Revival

Hi everyone! Welcome to the March update! This has really been an intriguing journey.

Last april, God brought me to Europe, at first I thought it was a holiday but little did I realise, He was setting a backdrop for what was to come. I was travelling to Israel through a few countries in Europe. In that trip, I met a few people and were able to minister to them and show them God’s love. I even had an unforgettable encounter with God or perhaps an angel in Italy. I also had a humbling and an exciting opportunity to serve alongside the Guthries, Townleys, and Perdomos in Israel. (My whole trip was disrupted just so that I can be connected to this group of people in the prayer tower.)

When I returned to Singapore, He continued to speak to me about Europe and Israel. He wanted me to go to this continent to minister to the people there. I really didn’t think too much about it since I just visited the country. Then, He started showing me visions and speaking to me of the things that were to come and also the plans He had in store for me. [My previous posts on Europe – 1, 2, 3]

First, He setup the stage for me to be physically present in UK by allowing me to come to the Bible College of Wales for studies. Next, He told me to only book a one way ticket because He is going to bring me to different countries in Europe to minister. (I initially started planning for a holiday after my studies. He said “No. Didn’t you say, you will give Me all the time in Europe?”. I was overcome with a burden in my heart for this continent though I couldn’t put a finger to what exactly is was at that time.)

As we know today, the whole continent seems to be almost locked down. So what is God doing? I remember from one of the earlier visions, this is a mercy call, for the nation to turn back to Him. Is this virus from God or the devil? I don’t have the answer but one thing I do know, God is sovereign. It only takes Him to flick one finger and the disease will be gone. So there is a greater purpose to why this is prolonged.

The virus seems to have swept through the world in such a magnitude but there is going to be a sweep of the Holy Spirit too! And that is going to be beyond the wildest imagination one could ever have!

God’s word to me, was that before I leave this continent, I will see His hand move. That is His promise to me. I am standing on a strong rock, the promises of God. I’ve stood on many of His promises and never has He failed me once!

What are you standing on?

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